The Circuitous Path of Her Stone Carvings


Blocks of bianco puro marble from Carrara, Italy inspire the artist to...

exploratory drawings in her sketchbook 

such as the page above.  She studied the

block of marble at left for more than

two years before she discovered the per-

fect marriage of “La danse” with this stone.

The carving, when completed, will be “La danse;  homage à Camille Claudel”.  No doubt she’ll have to take it to Ireland in April to finish.  For the past three years she and her husband David have rented Hill Cottage, Scilly, Kinsale in both the spring and autumn.  It has a studio with view of the Bandon River & the sailboats gliding by, a little piece of heaven.


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Maquette and another block of

pure white marble from Carrara,

“Pegasus Rising from the Sea”.

She will return to carving this piece when she comes back to the island in February 2016.


The artist in her island ‘studio’ at

Villa Sevada in early March, 2015, complete with the sound of the sea,

the rustling of lizards in the under-

growth and the gentle, sad cooing of mourning doves.  Encore un paradis.....