From the very first time I picked up a point and hammer to carve stone,  I was and still  am awed  by the process, the magic I feel working in stone, clay,  wax or plaster. 

My life has been transformed by my sculpting.   I take enormous pleasure in the beauty of the mediums and in the tools themselves;  the distinction between my eye/hand, head/heart and the sculpture in progress simply dissolves as I work;  I lose myself in a fantastic world of possibilities, yet  am confident that whatever transpires is simply meant to be;  I am only the purveyor.   It comes so naturally to me that I have no doubt whatsoever  that  I was destined to be a sculptor.

Recently my husband David and I drove, as we had seven years ago just after I had first started carving in stone,  from Carrara to the heights of Colonnata.   We stood  next to the lovely little church and il monumento Al Cavatore,  the  monument to the men of the mountain,  the carved  stone perfectly echoing the distant view, the seemingly miniscule machines and tiny cavatori  working the marble quarries.  I felt profoundly the nobility of this ancient art that I am so fortunate to practice, and I practice it with the intention of creating, above all and no matter what, something of beauty, whether in BRONZE or STONE, that will endure, that people generations from now will look at and feel  is somehow greater than the fleeting moment we live in.                                               

Why I Sculpt

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